12 Ways to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Living Space

Our outdoor living space is my happy place, especially in the current shelter-at-home reality. During this period of social isolation, there are only so many times you can clean your kitchen, reorganize your closet, and tackle the weeds before you need a new project to occupy your time.

For me, that restless energy has turned into endless outdoor living space sprucing. And, if I’m being honest, I’ve been spending way too much time searching for more DIY outdoor décor ideas!

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your outdoor living space, I have you covered. I’ve compiled a list of twelve ideas for you to try. They’re all relatively easy and can be accomplished using items you probably already have around the house.

Outdoor Décor Ideas for Sprucing Up Your Outdoor Living Area

(1) Create a Cozy Space

If you’re starting to feel cooped up, turn your outdoor patio or backyard into a second living area by bringing some indoor furniture outside. You can grab blankets, throw pillows, rugs, and chairs to create a cozy space outside to read and relax.

Image of cozy backyard elements of an outdoor living space

(2) Recycled Tin Cans for Potted Plants

Upcycle your coffee, bean, or other tin cans to create some retro-inspired pots for your potted plants. Tin cans have a cool, rustic vibe all on their own, but you can also paint or decorate them to make them extra unique.

Garden decor of decorated tin cans

(3) Hand-Painted Signs

Hand-painted signs are some of my favorite DIY garden décor. You can really transform your outdoor living space to match your personality with a hand-painted sign. Take it a step further by making your sign dual purpose: add some hooks to the bottom to hang gardening tools or towels.

Hand-painted signs to create a beautiful outdoor living space

(4) Ladder Garden

If you have an extra wooden ladder lying around, throw some paint on it, and turn it into a beautiful plant display. Alternatively, if you have extra wood and nails on hand, you could even build a simple ladder to create this effect.

Outdoor living space idea of wooden ladder

(5) Pocket Planter

Start your very own herb garden using a simple hanging organizer like an over-the-door shoe holder. Plant each herb in a small, flexible potting container and then nestle each pot into the spots in the hanging organizer. Hang the pocket planter on an outdoor wall with ample sunlight and be sure to water and feed the herbs as often as required.

Outdoor living space with a hanging herb garden/pocket planner

(6) Make a Fairy Garden

If you have little ones, fairy gardens are really fun to make. You can transform any potted plant or small garden space into a magical fairy paradise. Add glitter, little pebbles, a small house, and more to make it look like a tiny fairy lives in your garden.

A small fairy garden as a garden decor idea.

(7) Paint Your Pavers

Add an extra unique touch to your outdoor living area by painting your pavers or concrete. Use a stencil (or make one of your own) to paint your outdoor pavers and add a classy splash of color.

Painted pavers in an outdoor living space

(8) Create a Handmade Wind Chime

This is one of my favorite outdoor décor ideas when you’re limited on supplies but high on creativity. You can use everything from hangers and painted keys to wire and beaded strings. Get creative and find combinations that create the look (and sounds) you like.

Garden decor idea of a handmade windchime

(9) Make a Garden Path

I love the whimsy of a garden path: it leads people somewhere while also creating a sense of separation for the different areas in your outdoor living space. Create a simple path using discarded stones, tiles, or wood that leads to a central gathering place like a fire pit or sitting area.

Garden path in an outdoor living space

(10) Paint a Fence Mural

If you’re artistically inclined, painted murals make for awe-inspiring art in your outdoor living space. If there are kids in the household, you could create a whimsical mural and involve them in painting simple things like flowers or stars.

Art painted on a fence as a garden decor idea

(11) Create a Meditation Space

Meditation spaces can be whatever you want them to be. They often feature a simple rock garden, a mat, candles, and some type of water display. Outdoor meditation spaces tend to be located next to plenty of greenery and away from the normal hubbub of life to allow for quiet contemplation.

Image of stacked rocks in a meditation garden

(12) Mason Jar Lights

Grab a few tea light candles and wire or string to create mason jar lights for your outdoor living space. For some added color, paint the outside of the jars using a light pastel color. Use the jars to light up walkways or side tables around your outdoor living area.

Hanging mason jar lights in outdoor living space

Get Inspired to Transform Your Outdoor Living Space

While our stay-at-home environment can be overwhelming these days, there are still so many ways to enjoy the day-to-day in your backyard. With some inspiration and a little creativity, you can turn your outdoor living space into a haven, just like I have.

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