2024 Backyard Trends

For most of the country, it is too cold to spend time in the backyard. Time moves fast, so this is a perfect time to begin planning updates and future uses of your outdoor spaces.

Last week, we discussed the trends for 2023. Missed it? Click here to read it for yourself.

Many of the concepts from 2023, and the past several years really, have included bringing the outdoors in and having a space to entertain in as well as for relaxing.

And while those general ideas will continue to dominate the backyard, 2024 will see an emphasis on creativity and color.


Think of this as, “how can I infuse my personality into the backyard?” Living in your backyard, like living in your house, is much more comfortable when you create a space that is, well, YOU!

Add elements that are uniquely you. Like to garden? Let’s head to the nursery. Don’t like getting your hands dirty? Xeriscape it is! Enjoy entertaining? Send out the invites. Prefer a good book? Create a calm, quiet space for relaxing.

That really is the first step to making your backyard right for you. Start to think, “how do you want to use the space?” Write it all down. Create a wish list. Then start to see your backyard in sections or rooms, if you will. Each “room” will serve a purpose, just like those inside. Small space, too many ideas? Make those “rooms” multi-purpose!

Garden Ideas

Want to get creative in the garden? How about growing a new to you vegetable to try in the kitchen? Maybe you get creative with your garden boxes or garden labels? There are so many opportunities to let your creativity loose in the garden.

Entertaining Needs

Outdoor entertaining can be casual or formal. You can host a water party with a pool, water guns/ballons and even a Slip ‘n Slide. Want a formal affair? Rented tables, beautiful flower arrangements and a catered dinner would set the scene. How do you entertain? It’s all possible in the backyard.

Quiet and Calm Spaces

Maybe you prefer using your backyard to meditate or read a good book. A hammock is a great option!


While neutral colors and traditional design will always have a place in and outside our homes, 2024 will be the year of color. The Pantone Color of the Year for 2024 is Peach Fuzz an earthy, cozy color, that, according to Pantone.com, it’s “all-embracing spirit enriches mind, body and soul.”

Sounds like a lovely color to add to any outdoor space, whether in outdoor cushions and pillows or plants.

What is your favorite color to use in outdoor spaces? And, how do you use it?

Time in the outdoors has many positive attributes, so how do you want to incorporate spending time outside into your daily life?

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