Backyard Trends 2023

Let’s take a look back over the year to see what the trends were for the backyard. It will influence 2024 and we will cover that next week.

2023 saw an expansion of the idea of the backyard as an extension of our indoor living spaces. This trend started in 2020 and we all know why. Over the past several years, we have been reminded how life can be enhanced by using all our available spaces. The backyard is a great place to entertain and relax, to cook and play.


birds-eye view of a family at picnic table showing backyard entertainment on a budget

Entertaining in the backyard can include eating, watching movies or sports, even playing games. Inviting friends and family over and into the backyard is good for us. Spending quality time with others is an essential life event that doesn’t need to be big or elaborate. With a little planning, you can have a great time in the backyard laughing and sharing stories. Fantastic gatherings are simple with a fire pit, an outdoor movie screen with a blue tooth connectivity and comfortable outdoor furniture.


With the rise in awareness around mental health, the backyard was found to be a great place to relax. Many created Zen gardens with sensory pathways and spaces for yoga. Read about how we suggested a calming space back in 2020, here.

Do you use all your senses when you relax? I find when my senses are engaged, relaxation is easier. Sight ~ incorporate colorful flowers and plants because looking at them is great but, they will also bring in birds and butterflies to watch as they flitter around your yard. Hearing ~ use bluetooth, outdoor speakers for music. Smell ~ this gets back to those colorful flowers, they can be very aromatic and envelop your yard in a fantastic aroma that again brings in those wonderful flying friends. Taste ~ cook up some wonderful fare with a grill, smoker or pizza oven. Touch ~ incorporate great fabrics on outdoor furniture to settle into while eating and listening to fabulous music. I’m starting to feel relaxed already.


Do you have a grill? How about a smoker? Maybe a pizza oven? Any and all are great additions to your backyard. They also make entertaining in your backyard fun. Who doesn’t enjoy a good burger or pizza? If you are health conscious, burgers and pizza don’t seem like good options. But, when you make them at home, you can assert control and make them healthier.

If you garden, then what you can grow so many elements of your diet. Foods taste so much better when the ingredients are fresh. So, want to cook or prepare great food? Start a garden! You will be in good company, the number of home gardens has increased in the past few years. What a trend!



The backyard is a great place to play. Keep in mind, kids aren’t the only ones to benefit from play. Studies show that when adults play, stress levels decrease and creativity increases. That alone is reason enough to plan some play in your day.

Why should the kids have all the fun in the pool or on the play structure? If you are thinking on putting in a pool in 2024, start planning now. Pool builders schedules are quiet right now. By starting now, you could be jumping in on the first hot day. Wait until spring and you might not be swimming at all in 2024! But let’s get back to that play structure. Most are a bit small for adults, so maybe reach out to contractor to see what it would take to build a custom one in your backyard. Wouldn’t a zipline be fun? Oh, and the neighbors would be jealous!

Next week we will look at the forecast for trends in 2024. If you didn’t create the backyard of your dreams this year, don’t worry. Next year will have some fantastic ideas. Given the cost of traveling, you might opt to staycation in your fabulous backyard in 2024!

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