Best Pizza Crust, Ever!

My Ooni Pizza Oven arrived and I am so excited to start making pizza in my backyard. In my opinion, great pizza starts with a great crust. It might seem simple, but on doctors recommendation, I am on a gluten free diet. Most pizza crust is not gluten free and it takes more than just modifying a recipe.

I have searched many websites for a great gluten free recipe and here is what I found ~

PS. my family is not gluten free, but they like the gluten free crusts I have found.

  • Cauliflower crust – both Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods has frozen cauliflower crust available and I do enjoy them. I like to keep a couple in the freezer for quick week night meals.
  • Premade mix – I have tried a few, but even following the directions on the back of the package hasn’t helped.
  • Homemade dough – when it comes to gluten free recipes, there are two sites I trust and turn to for great recipes that turn out every time. Danielle Walker’s gluten free pizza crust recipe is fantastic. And, the other one I enjoy is from the Minimalist Baker. There are many pizza recipes on this site. Danielle Walker’s recipe does have cheese in the crust, but this allows for an added dimension and flavor. The Minimalist Baker recipe takes a little practice to get it just right. I like both and really couldn’t pick a favorite. I would suggest you try them and let me know what you think.

Soon, I will give that new pizza oven a try and give you my honest opinion on it. Stay tuned…in the mean time, please follow me on Instagram, to see me open my Ooni!

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