BKYD Life Holiday Gift Guide 2023

This is our first, ever, gift guide. So glad you are here for it! We found items for him, her, kids, under $50 and luxe. They are items to wear or use in the backyard, patio or just outdoors. Let us know what you think. If you like these ideas please let us know. We are happy to recommend gift options for anniversaries, weddings or birthdays for you! Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in 2024 will have a host of items we know your recipient will love. Now on to the ideas!!

Best Gift Ever

The best gift in not one that fits in a box or can be wrapped with pretty paper. The best gift is the gift of time. It is my personal favorite to give and receive. If you are able to spend time with your loved ones, whether for coffee or dinner, do that. Maybe spend a weekend together or plan time in the new year, but know that any item you could buy would not mean as much as the time you could share. But if you feel the need to buy and wrap a gift for someone, please keep reading for some ideas. Click on the photo and explore! Happy gifting!!

Gifts for Him

Whether you are cleaning up the backyard, hanging out near the fire pit or watching an outdoor sporting event, a warm jacket is a must in most climates this time of year! We found three that will keep him warm without the bulk.

Of course, there are many different types of guys to buy for. We found several items that would suit the outdoor grilling guy. A customizable print of many different golf courses for the golfing guy. A divided tool box for the organized guy. Can’t forget the compost bin for the garden guy. How about a wifi radio or a travel book for your guy? Maybe listen to the radio while planning a trip?! Whoever your guy is, get him something great.

Gifts for Her

Women are just as varied as men and can enjoy being outside, too. Do you know someone who loves outdoor activities? Maybe being outside with family and friends not matter the weather? Does she love to cook? How about lounging by the fire pit? Is she a gardener or bird watcher?

First things first, men aren’t the only ones with great coat option this year. We found a few that are warm, but not bulky, and rather chic.

Now, if she is into bbq’ing, golf, music or travel then you can just click the items for him that are rather interchangeable. But, I did find a few other things that might be more her style.

Gifts for Kids

Kids love to play games and explore the great outdoors. We kept this in mind as we searched for great gifts for those in the school age range. We found bikes, scooters, pickleball paddles, board games and so much good stuff. And don’t forget the safety helmet if you decide on a bike or scooter.

Gifts under $50

If you just need a little something, might I suggest one of the water bottles from Shutterfly. They have two different sizes and you can customize the print on them. Of course, we think sunscreen is the ultimate gift ~ it says to your recipient that you really don’t want them to get sun damage. Now that is caring!

Luxury Gifts for the Family

Sometimes it’s best to just buy one large gift for the whole family to enjoy. We found a few items for just such an opportunity. You could add plane tickets to the luggage and take the family on a fabulous trip. Who wouldn’t want a weekly pizza party right in the backyard? And, a swing set and geo dome right outside the back door instead of having to go to the park is just as much a gift to parents as it is to kids!

So, tell me what is your favorite? Send me an email with your thoughts. Follow on Instagram or Facebook for more ideas as the season unfolds.

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