Botanical Gardens

Have you been to one of the botanical gardens in the US? Almost every major city has one! Botanical gardens promote sustainability and conservation. They are also a great opportunity to learn about the flora and fauna of the region.

One of the most unique gardens is the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona. It is 140 acres, with 55 of them cultivated for a wonderful sensory adventure. The Garden has many trails and hiking paths where you can see many rare and endangered species. This is a living museum filled with plants that love the dry, arid climate the desert southwest provides. Some of the foliage comes from other places around the world that are just as hot and dry, maybe even hotter and drier.


The Desert Botanical Gardens is more than a place to spend an afternoon (although, that would be a wonderful afternoon). They offer many glasses ~ from gardening to photography; for children and adults; and so many more learning opportunities. Click this link to find out more of the offerings at the Desert Botanical Gardens.

Two of the current special exhibits are Chihuly in the Desert and the Spring Butterfly Exhibit. While the butterflies arrive at the garden annually, the Chihuly exhibit is extra special. I had the opportunity to visit during the holidays and to see the glass illuminated at night is truly magical.

The Chihuly exhibit is available until June 19, 2022 and the Butterflies exhibit will be available until May 8, 2022. Check their website for more details and to get tickets.

Now the Desert Botanical Gardens may be unique with all the cactus and desert plants, but there are many more botanical gardens in the US. If you can’t make it to Phoenix, Arizona ~ here is a brief list of gardens that may be close to you.

According to, the top 11 gardens are:

I hope you find some time to explore at least one of these living museums this spring.

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