Creating Community in Tough Times

Welcome to BKYD Life! We’re sure you have heard the reports that start, “in these uncertain times…” ~ if you really think about it, life is always uncertain. We just happen to have a heightened awareness of uncertainty during difficult and trying times, like this current pandemic. We should always cherish and look for joy in the little moments and focus on what we CAN be certain about. BKYD Life is all about finding and sharing joy. After all the backyard is a great place for it!

A great way to finding and sharing is joy is through community and, here at BKYD Life, we love to gather in community. Connection with nature and connection with each other is important for the human spirit. But how do we gather in this time of social distancing? Why do we call it “social distancing” when “physical distancing” is so much more accurate? After all “gathering” means, according to The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, to assemble  or convene. The definition is lengthy, but one thing that is missing is “in person” or “physically”. While the definition implied these characteristics go with “gather”, it isn’t necessary.

So we must think outside the box to effectively gather right now. Have you seen some of the videos of people in Italy and Spain singing from their balconies in community? What a wonderful way to connect as the day ends! Maybe you’ve seen the posts of people in New York City who live near hospitals and at the time of shift change clap, shout and even bang on pots and pans while standing on balconies or hanging out windows to express their gratitude for people who work in the healthcare system. That is joy in the midst of a hard and heavy day!

Italians sing amid COVID-19

Companies are using any number of video conferencing options to continue to conduct business at this time. Trainers are posting workouts on social media so people can continue to move their bodies. Churches are hosting virtual worship – which so many people need right now.

Social media posts, phone calls, video calls and text use has increased lately. We are finding ways to stay connected with our loved ones near and far. Personally, we have friends and family that live far away, but it has taken this time to realize we could have been hosting virtual happy hours and dinner parties all along.

Last Friday night, we enjoyed one of those virtual happy hours with family members that just live across town. We sat in our backyard, as they sat in their front yard, enjoying the beautiful weather and toasting to better times ahead. A simple flip of the camera even allowed us the opportunity to show them our new garden!

Now is a great time to use the technology at hand to connect, and connect on a deeper level, with loved ones near and far. How are you finding ways to connect? How are you finding and sharing joy? Please tell us in the comments below ~ we really do want to know!

Connection is good for you!

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