Earth Day

According to, this is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Not only is that a long time, this is an unprecedented time for Earth Day. Some of the ideas to honor the Earth in the past have been to telecommute or carpool. Great ideas and this year, we have been honoring the Earth in this manner for well over a month.

So what else can we do? One idea is to donate to a worthy environmental cause. I have compiled some other ideas from various websites, here’s the roundup:

  1. We Are Teachers has 12 ideas broken down my grade that you can complete with your children. These are the type of activities children would be doing if they were still meeting with their classes in the classroom. Click this link to search these ideas.
  2. On the EPA website, they have general lesson plans and a coloring page that they are suggesting could be posted in your windows. They also have articles related to the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. Click this link to learn more.
  3. And, on a business-related forum, I found ideas for employers to include their employees. This post dates back to 2018, so our situation is a bit different this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take something from the ideas. Click this link to read these 10 ideas.

Want to do some searching on your own? Pinterest has more ideas than I could count! Remember you can plant a garden or even just a single plant. You could clean up your yard or a neighbors that need the help. There are so many options!

Whatever you decide to do for Earth Day, just spend some time outside. Getting some fresh air, enjoying the sunshine and listening to birds singing are good for each and everyone of us!


  1. 4.24.20
    Jo said:

    Thanks for the links- great ideas! Love the We Are Teachers suggestions!

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