Flowers: Annuals vs. Perennials

Do you know the difference between flowers labeled annuals versus those called perennials? The quick and easy explanation is that annuals only live for one season. Many annuals will drop seeds that can be collected to plant the following year. Another fact about annuals is that they can grow in just about every climate zone. Conversely, perennials will come back year after year, but do best in fewer climate zones.

Click here to find your zone, this map is for those that live in the USA. If you live in a different country, try searching for a hardiness climate zone map for your country. I live in the desert southwest of the US. Phoenix is in hardiness zone 9b-10b. It is important to know your zone so that you can maximize your planting budget and have a beautiful yard.

Both annuals and perennials need to be throughly watered when first getting established and fertilizer to grow. Annuals need to be fed weekly to every other week, while perennials can be fed once to twice a year. Perennials can also benefit from mulching to keep the soul moist between waterings. Perennials also needed to be winterized so that the plants are ready for spring.

I would recommended getting to know the personnel at your local nursery. They are a great resource for flowers that will grow well in your climate hardiness zone, when the best time to plant and how to care for the flowers you choose.

Flowers offer both texture and color to your outdoor area. Whether annuals or perennials are the right choice for your climate zone, flowers are a great addition to making your patio or yard inviting. As the weather warms and we spend more time outside what flowers will you enjoy outside? Click the link to our social media and share your favorite flowers for your yard.

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