The idea for BKYD Life all started, well, in the backyard – honest! We are Todd and Theresa Wright. We have been married for 30 years and for over 20 of those years, Todd has been designing backyards for clients around the world. All while, Theresa has run the household and taught 1st grade.

We are most proud of our family and grown children. They are our everything.

We live in our backyard – coffee on the patio in the morning, dinner in the evening. At least, we do most of the year. Based in Phoenix, AZ, summer evenings are a bit too warm for dinner outside.

We have an extensive book and magazine collection all centered around backyard design and living ideas. Combine that collection with online concepts and we knew we needed a better way to access the information that would allow us to utilize our backyard to its full potential. We love incorporating new ideas, when they work for us and our lifestyle, into our backyard. We love learning about the best way to care for the elements in our backyard (like keep plants alive or start a garden) that in turn benefits us.

And, that brings us to BKYD Life. We thought if we could benefit from having all this information in one place then you might, too. Welcome – we are glad to have you here!