Get out of the BKYD

For some, the backyard is their whole world; but for others, the world is their backyard.

We fall into the latter category ~ every opportunity we go on an adventure is met with delightful anticipation.

Take, for example, our recent trip to Italy. It was over three years in the making. We started working with a travel agent to assist with the plans back in 2019. The trip was originally scheduled for the fall of 2020, but we all know why it had to be postponed.

Postponing it gave us time to do more research and prepare.

We learned that Italy is home to more than 50 World Unesco Heritage sites. I didn’t even know what a World Unesco Heritage site was. You can read more about them here. It is fascinating how many there are and a great way to learn about history and geography. A great reason to venture out of the backyard!

The sites we visited included:

Check out the Unesco website ~ you may have already seen some of the places on the list.

Other reasons to get out of the backyard include, but are not limited to ~ the food, the people and the culture.

As you can imagine, the food in Italy is fantastic. Did you know each region has it’s signature pasta? Well they do! We spent our time exploring southern Italy with most of our time in Puglia. Puglia is known for Orecchiette pasta. It is pronounced ō-rā″kē-ĕt′ə (I know that probably doesn’t help so watch this YouTube video ~ it will definitely be more helpful!). The name means “pasta in the shape of small ears” (from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition). We ate so much fresh pasta and the seafood along the Amalfi coast was amazing. We made some new friends at a cooking class in Positano. One of them stated they did not like seafood, but really enjoyed the fish we made in class. That is quite a statement about both the quality of the food and, of course, the cooking class.

I firmly believe that the best part of any adventure, whether around your hometown or across the world, is the people. Yes, you can always run into difficult people. But I find that the energy you bring to the situation is very important so if you are kind and positive others will be, too. And let me tell you ~ the people of Italy are just wonderful. Now I know this might be because I am part Italian but the kindness they shared made our trip.

Men from the village of Orsara di Puglia

While many Italians spoke English, we did learn a little Italian for the trip. We also asked them to help us learn a bit more. They were so gracious with helping us to know the correct pronunciation for streets, menu options and names. And, we had fun learning. That is another reason to get out of the backyard ~ you can learn so much!

Getting out of the backyard is great for your mind, body and soul. You will see your hometown and home from a new perspective. You will have a greater appreciation for others. You will learn and grow, then share those lessons.

So, where will you venture to go? We have a started a list of places and some are from the World Unesco Heritage site! Until our next adventure ~ Ciao!

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