Grow Your Own Food: Planting Fall Vegetables

Are you planning a fall garden? It has been so hot here in the desert southwest that planting has had to be put off. It looks like cooler temperatures are on the way and that means gardeners can start to put those plans into action.

Home Depot Plant Hardiness Zone Map

This map from the Home Depot, identifies the growing zones all gardeners need to be aware of for optimal planting success. For more specific information, I would suggest checking with your local agencies. In the Phoenix metro area, Maricopa County has collaborated with the University of Arizona to create a Vegetable Planting Calendar. It includes a 2 page chart with an extensive list of vegetables and the best time of year to plant them.

Growing herbs and vegetables in your own garden is good for many reasons. ~

  • Children will try new foods if they helped plant, water and harvest them.
  • It saves money, fresh herbs and vegetables can be expensive.
  • Planting, tending and harvest is a great family activity.
  • It is good for the soul to get your hands dirty in the soil.

So what will you plant? What will I plant?

This season I’m going to try carrots, kale, green onions and radishes. I’ll let you know how they turn out.

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