How you Bloomin’?

One month into 2021 and quite a lot has happened, honestly it seems like we should already be in March. So, how are you doing? I just wanted to take a moment to check on you, the readers of BKYD Life.

We are so grateful you are here. 2020 was quite the year and we are taking some time to set some thoughtful intentions for 2021. We want to grow as a community by encouraging opportunities to slow down. That is what the backyard is for, after all.

Please make sure you are following us on our social media channels, but also sign up for our newsletter. We have started a new element to our newsletter ~ a downloadable screen saver calendar each month that will only be available to our newsletter subscribers.

We are working on some simple updates to our website that will include a shop page. Are you interested in one of our fun sayings on a t-shirt? Well, you could be able to purchase one soon.

And, lastly, we will soon be starting a new feature. Have you ever thought about writing for a magazine? All the information about that will be in the web update. So stay tuned!

Remember to take of yourself and please let us know your thoughts and ideas ~ we gather, create and grow together.

P.S. Do you use Bloglovin’? You can now get article updates on Bloglovin’!

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