I’m a Coffee Girl

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As I sit here enjoying a cup of coffee, I have to admit that Christmas has gotten the better of me. I am exhausted and overwhelmed. Anyone else or is it just me? Social media can be good for ideas, but this Christmas it had me doing the comparison shimmy. From finding the right gifts to attending the right parties or activities to the right outfits for said parties or events. It is all too much.

I have spent many sleepless nights worried about finding the right gift for everyone on my list. Which also brings me to the anxiety I have felt about those who made my list. Did I forget someone? I’m sure I did, but does everyone really need a gift?

The holiday plan started months ago with contemplating who to invite for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I worried about what parties we would be invited to and when to go see Christmas light displays. The comparison shimmy is real and if you buy into, you will really miss the reason of the season.

The holidays can be so stressful. I vow to not buy into the hype next year. So from today forward I will try to keep things in perspective and not worry if the “right” thing is under the tree. I need to show myself some love and appreciation for all that I do and have done for those that I love ~ because that is really what its all about.

So I am taking so time to just unwind. For all those experiencing cold weather, I’m sorry for this next statement. But I am enjoying sitting on my back patio with a cup of coffee. The fresh air, the birds singing and this cup of Death Wish Coffee in my cup are really helping me settle into the season the right way.

Having this warm cup of comfort in my hands allows me to slow down and breathe deeply, remembering all my blessings. Death Wish Coffee is the right amount of caffeine and flavor. Have you tried it? I purchased a bag last month and enjoyed it so much that the company asked me to share a review with all my readers.

Death Wish Coffee is smooth and enjoyable. Not one to drink my coffee black, but this brand has changed my approach. If I put a little cream or whole milk in, with Death Wish it’s only a splash! If you’re looking for a new way to start your day, try Death Wish.

They ship quickly and even have a subscription program. Need a gift for someone, well if they are coffee drinkers you can’t go wrong ~ they will ship directly! Can you image gifting a subscription so your loved one will receive a welcome gift once a month? You can you say, “favorite (grand)child?” Parents and grandparents, alike, will be hoping to find that gift under the tree this year!

Death Wish Coffee comes in ground and whole beans, for those that like to grind their own. They have medium, dark and espresso roast along with other varieties to satisfy all your coffee-loving taste buds. You will also find great coffee accessories on their website.

I am so glad to have taken the time I needed for myself today and enjoyed a cup of coffee. And, please help me remember not to be sucked into the comparison shimmy next year!

Enjoy a cup of coffee from Death Wish Coffee and enjoy this holiday season!

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