Interview: Lauren Robson

Have you tried cactus water?

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of speaking with the founder of Lauro, Lauren Robson. It was a great conversation about the origins of the company and the benefits of cactus water.

Lauro is a great drink to add to your backyard life. Whether your day includes gardening, laying by the pool or playing with the kids, you need to stay hydrated. This product is delicious, easy to drink and will keep you hydrated.

I asked Lauren why she started Lauro. She told me about traveling for work and experiencing headaches. After consulting with a doctor, she was simply encouraged to drink more water. I think we all know we need to and should drink more water. I, also, know that, for me, after drinking water all day long, I want something else. Something with flavor, something with electrolytes, something other than water. Lauren felt this way, too. She also wanted to find something that would keep her children hydrated on hot days. Because, as many parents will tell you, children don’t like being told to drink more water either!

Lauren had a background in the health and wellness industry. So she set out to find a beverage that would fulfill this need for her and her family. Through her research, she found that the fruit from the prickly pear cactus would give her the benefits she was looking for.

Most cactus water is made from concentrate, Lauren decided to work with puree. That is why the color is so vibrant and Lauro has a more intense flavor than competitors beverages.

Lauro is made from prickly pear puree, sparkling water, blue agave nectar and lime juice. Prickly pear cactus can be found world-wide. The species is only native to the Americas, but through human intervention, now grow in many parts of the world with an arid climate. The prickly pear, and thus Lauro, is high in magnesium, potassium and electrolytes. Lauro is quite simply plant-based hydration.

Lauren has been able to source the prickly pear puree world-wide. Each batch has a different flavor profile based upon the country of origin for the puree. This concept might sound familiar to those of you wine aficionados. The flavor profile of a beverage or plant based dish is significantly impacted by where the plant grows. The can I am currently enjoying has flavor notes of watermelon and cucumbers. I can’t wait to try the next batch.

If you want to try Lauro for yourself, please go directly to the website, You can purchase directly from the website, on Amazon, or look for information about local retailers. You can also reach out through social channels to let Lauren know you like her product. You can also find inspiring ways to use Lauro as a cocktail mixer and gathering beverage.

I hope you enjoy Lauro as much as I do. The headquarters are based right here in Phoenix, AZ and I love to support local, women owned business. So if you have a company (or know of one) that you would like showcased on, please let me know!

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