Interview: Tracy Ann Battaglia

Let me introduce you to Tracy Ann Battaglia. Tracy is the genius photographer behind many of the photos you see on our website and our social media pages. We love working with Tracy ~ she not only takes amazing pictures, but she is so fun to work with that we can’t wait for picture day!

We have been working with Tracy since last November. Her energy is infectious and her photos are amazing. While we love her and love working with her, we almost didn’t want to share this interview of her with you. We worried we would have a tough time getting on her schedule. But, we love to share ~ so here is Tracy!

Tracy has a Bachelor’s Degree in Film Photography, so she really knows what she is doing. She has had her own business for 15 years, Fully Alive Photography. She can do it all ~ weddings, engagements, families, maternity, newborns, branding and marketing photo shoots.

Being a natural light photographer, she loves outdoor photo shoots. This is one of the reasons why we love working with Tracy ~ we have a shared love for the outdoors and specifically the backyard. As a matter of fact, one of our most recent photo shoots was in Tracy’s backyard. She has a fabulous garden and pool with wonderful space for a picnic right outside her back door.

Some of Tracy’s favorite activities, when she isn’t behind the camera, include spending time with her family, enjoying a good cup of coffee and playing with her cats.

I asked Tracy if she would share 3 tips for capturing memories in your backyard.

  1. Use a Polaroid, it’s fun and great for kids to use.
  2. Use the photos from the Polaroid and found items from the backyard (i.e. leaves, small sticks, etc.) to create multi-media art projects. This is a great idea to help the kids get involved with memory making/documenting and it will also keep them busy during the summer.
  3. Take photos in the morning and/or evening. The lighting is better, softer early and late so take advantage of it.
  4. Take fine art photos. Get creative. Look at the trees, flowers, walls differently. This can be an inexpensive way to fill your indoor spaces with art.
  5. Use the sunlight to your advantage, put it behind your subjects. When the sun is behind the subject it is called backlighting or backlit. The photographer would look into the sun. Use a DSLR on manual mode to soften the background. This helps when you are taking photos of people ~ they won’t be squinting!

Yes, you counted correctly. I asked Tracy for 3 tips and she suggested 5. She is so kind to share so many great thoughts on capturing and documenting memories in the backyard.

I asked her if she looked to any other photographers for ideas or inspiration. She told me that she actually makes a conscious effort not to look at what other photographers are doing. Tracy wants her style to remain her style and not have it be influenced by the choices others in her industry are making. I found this so important and inspiring. I think all too often we get ourselves into that comparison trap and I think Tracy is so smart to make the decision not to do it.

If you have ever been the subject of a photo shoot, then you know how nervous and anxious it can be. Tracy has such a great way of putting everyone at ease. And, she has awesome tips for what to do with your hands ~ try creating shape or movement, put them on your hips, just slightly in your pockets or hold onto a prop. Think of making a triangle with your body.

Have an event coming up or just want some family photos? Reach out to our favorite photographer at Fully Alive Photography, you will make memories and have fun doing it!

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