It’s Baking Season ~ how are your cookie sheets looking?

The summer heat has finally subsided, the holiday music is beginning to be played everywhere! That can only mean one thing ~ it’s baking season!!

If you are anything like me, you haven’t baked anything in months. It has been way too hot to turn the oven on, I mean why would you heat up the house anymore?!

I find myself assessing the state of my baking pans and supplies this time of year. After all, those cookie sheets don’t last forever. And, with all the holiday baking I plan to do, it only makes sense to look through everything and make a list so that I am ready.

I thought you might enjoy this list too!

Baking or Cookie Sheets

As mentioned before, cookie sheets don’t last forever. I usually end up replacing them every few years, more often if I burned something!

Here are some great options ~

If you choose to use a Silpat, it lines the cookie sheet and your pans will last longer.

Cake Pans or Pie Plates

Do you have any family or friends that have birthdays this time of year? How are your cake pan(s) looking? Might want to check them out, too!

And, of course, with Thanksgiving coming soon we all know that the pumpkin pie is the star of the show! Shhh, don’t tell the turkey that, though!

Grocery Items

Do you have flour or sugar leftover from the last time you baked? Time for fresh grocery items. Put on your list flour (maybe gluten free?), sugar, vanilla (get the good stuff, it makes a difference), butter (it’s usually on sale this time of year). Stock up with much of the items on sale in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. Flour and butter keep just fine in the freezer. Oh, and make sure to get both salted and unsalted butter. Using the correct one in recipes is important for both taste and texture.

While you’re at the grocery store, don’t forget to grab cinnamon, salt and pepper, too! I have family heirloom salt and pepper shakers that I will use on my Thanksgiving table. Now, before it gets too busy, is the perfect time to clean them out and refill with fresh seasonings.

Speaking of salt and pepper shakers, if you don’t have ones that have been handed down maybe you want to start a tradition. I found these ones, worthy of passing along to the next generation.

Miscellaneous, but, Necessary Items

Whenever I bake, I can’t find my hot pads. Or they are a mess from may last baking session. So new ones are a must (maybe several, so they don’t disappear)!

Other items include: spatulas, parchment paper, specialty sugar ~ these all make baking more fun. Have you found any really cute cookie cutters lately?

Do you take cookies to the neighbors at the holidays? Maybe over to grandparents (I mean, you know that is all grandpa wants for a present!)? Are you taking something for the company potluck? You will need a serving dish or way to transport your yummy items!

The following Etsy items are cookie cutters and the plates from Shutterfly are so cute.

I hope you have a fabulous time baking, this time of year or whenever inspiration hits. As for me, I will be making a list of all the cookies, pies and treats I want to (enjoy) bake for my family, friends and neighbors this holiday season. Then after I order my new cookie sheets I will head to the store for fresh flour and sugar. Happy baking, friends!

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