Late Summer Dinner Party

This past weekend was the unofficial end to summer. But that doesn’t mean that summer activities have to come to an end. If your evening weather is still comfortable, how about a late summer dinner party?

Enjoying time with family and friends in an intimate setting can really help to change the focus of this year. 2020 will make its mark on history for so many developments that I certainly didn’t see coming and I’m not sure anyone did. The good news is that we have a few months left to reframe the narrative. My parents recently moved near us and our son and his wife will be moving here, too, this fall.

The story I want to tell is all about my relationships with those I hold most dear, my family. What about you, what story do you want to tell? How do you want to remember 2020?

A dinner party amongst the stars is the perfect way to begin this story.

Since the whole point to getting together is the people you invite, I would keep all the details very simple.

2 beverages ~ 1 alcoholic (maybe a great wine) and the other non-alcoholic. My favorite is a sparkling water with some fresh lime. Beverages are a great option to have your guest bring to the party. People always want to help, let them!

As far as food goes, again, keep it simple. Finger foods, snacks or even a charcuterie board would be great. Want something more substantial? You can throw a protein (beef, chicken or fish) on the grill. Have some vegetarians coming over? Vegetables taste great cooked on the grill, too!

You might want to order take out and that’s okay. Supporting a local restaurant at this time is a great thing to do. Maybe you found a fabulous new place and you want to share it with your family and friends, but in quieter setting.

Set the mood with flowers and candles, maybe some twinkle lights hung up above. Remember, keep it simple with the focus on those you invited.

Maybe putting a low table in the grass with blankets and pillows would suit the ambiance you want to pull off. There are no rules, but I wouldn’t go this route with any elderly guests coming.

Of course, something super simple would be to order pizza and serve it around the fire pit.

I hope you know my message here, keep it simple so you can enjoy the company you have invited.

Let’s send summer off with an intimate evening soiree and start changing the narrative of 2020.

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