Lawn Decor Storage Ideas

Is it time to store your holiday outdoor decorations? A little time organizing now could make it easier next year to share the joy!

A few tips –

  • If you have any battery powered items, make sure you remove the current battery. Batteries can corrode in stored items. Also, make a list of battery size(s) and quantities you will need next year that way you can purchase them before you start decorating.
  • Wrap light strings around a piece of cardboard. It’s a great way to reuse those shipping boxes. Many storage containers that are created just for the storage of lights may come with a plastic piece to wrap the lights around, just a thought if you are purchasing storage containers.
  • Store extension cords (also wrapped around a piece of cardboard) and timers with the lights so you don’t have to go searching.
  • Keep an inventory list on your smart phone of what you have so you don’t buy duplicates. You know how retailers start putting Holiday Decor out sooner and sooner, well you don’t want to purchase something you don’t need just because they tempted you!

This is a great option for both lights and faux garland storage. It is also a perfect idea for extension cords

I like to use red and green containers for all my Holiday decor, this allows me to know quickly which bins in the garage are needed after the Thanksgiving turkey has been gobbled up.

Happy cleaning and organizing. And Happy New Year!

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