Meet Caroline Van Slyke

I recently had a lovely interview with Caroline Van Slyke of Boho Farm and Home. Caroline is a midwest girl loving life in a historic cottage in Downtown Phoenix.

Caroline is a serious gardener, you might even call her an urban farmer. She began her gardening journey in a larger home on a larger lot within the Arcadia community of Phoenix.

While in Arcadia, she became a part of Edible Arcadia. Edible Arcadia is an opportunity to tour a few private gardens and learn about how to garden in your own home. Before long, visitors were asking if she would host events in the evening so working spouses could attend with the intent that they would then understand and support a home garden of their own.

Caroline loved the idea of gathering and educating and, so, the next chapter in her garden journey began. Her husband was very supportive, even jumping into the kitchen to create farm-to-table dishes to share at these events.

When her oldest child left for college, Caroline decided it was time to downsize. They moved into a historic home in Downtown Phoenix. The home had sat vacant for years. Not only did the house need some TLC, but the yard did, too. Caroline needed to bring in top soil to have a garden that would actually produce and provide like she had in her previous home.

Caroline faced more than just soil challenges. She now had a smaller yard and really had to make some decisions about what to grow. Her garden beds were smaller and she had less room for fruit trees. It was just the next step in her urban gardening journey.

Caroline and her husband have continued to host farm-to-table dinners in this new space. However, with the onset of Covid, they had to cancel one scheduled for March. But this time at home has brought other opportunities.

Caroline has used this time to be more intentional with her garden and yard. She has really put in a lot of thought around what to grow and where to grow it in her yard. One of her trees was not fairing well, so reluctantly, she removed it. While it seemed unfortunate, it turned out to be a blessing. Removing the tree opened up the yard and provided light in that area. She is now able to plant some vegetables that need more light.

She is now planning for her next dinner. And, if you are in the Phoenix area, you are invited. Caroline has really thought how to host a dinner while maintaining social distancing. On Friday, November 6, she and her family will host Twilight Tapas and Paella in the Garden. The cost is $65 per person and will include dinner and music, along with social distanced gathering. If you would like to join, click this link and purchase your tickets.

I would like to thank Caroline for spending time talking with me! My husband and I have purchased our tickets to her upcoming dinner, I look forward to meeting Caroline and to each of you that are able to make it. I know it will be a beautiful evening!

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