Outdoor Holiday Decor

Quick question, do you decorate the outside for the holidays? If you do, do you only decorate the front yard or front of your house? Have you ever thought about spreading some of that holiday cheer to the backyard?

I don’t know how your house is laid out, but my family room (the place we spend most of our time in the evenings) is in the back of the house. So when I decorate the front porch and front yard, my neighbors get to see all my hard work. That is when they drive by because, again, their house is laid out like mine which means they are in the back of their house when all the Christmas lights are on in the evening.

I guess my real question is ~ Why not decorate the backyard? I know I would enjoy the beautiful decorations and the glow of the lights by looking out the back windows. Of course, my tree is inside. Specifically, in my family room so I can enjoy it in the evenings. But I think that setting up the backyard, spreading some of those outdoor decorations in the back of the house would be worth it. There is no rule that the front yard should get all the attention. Time to think out of the box or in this case out of the front yard!

Do we really just put up yard decorations for others or do we want to enjoy them ourselves? I know I decorate for myself and for others. How about you? Will you join me in spreading some cheer into the backyard?

Here are a few things I found that I will be adding to my backyard ~

These lights are great. Both color and clear are available. They are actually solar lights so I don’t have to turn them on or off – they just magically come in and will look beautiful in a tree out in my backyard.

These rope lights would be another great option. They can be snaked through plants or wound up tree trunks. Lots of different light color options, too.

I think adding lots of lights is my preferred way to decorate my outdoors, but you can find lots of options to add to the yard such as these light up presents.

However you choose to decorate your backyard, just have fun and do what suites you and your backyard style.

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