Picnic Time

Is a picnic on your summer bucket list? It’s on mine!

A picnic is so much more than just a backyard bbq. Of course, you can have a picnic in your backyard, but why not see go some place new. You know have an adventure. A summer picnic is the perfect excuse.

When you simply have a bbq or picnic in your backyard, you can easily run back in the house if you forgot something. But a true picnic requires some planning.

Here are some things to keep in mind ~

Location, location, location

Just like with real estate, where you picnic matters. You need to do some research. Here are a few points to keep in mind ~

  1. How far do you want to drive?
  2. What will the weather be like?
  3. Will there be picnic tables?
  4. Is this a romantic adventure or is the whole family invited?
  5. What other activities do you want to participate in other than the picnic (i.e. go swimming in a lake, go for a hike, horseback riding, etc.)

These will all impact which direction to go and what to pack for both the picnic and other activities.

Supply list

You don’t want to forget something you will need, like a corkscrew to open that bottle of wine. Here’s a list to help you get ready (email me with anything I forgot so I can update this list for future adventures!)

  1. A blanket ~ or really any kind of ground cover. You could use a beach towel, tablecloth, quilt or old comforter. It just needs to be something to lay out over the ground and is large enough to fit all the picnic attendees. Going somewhere with picnic tables, perfect ~ you can use it on the table or the bench to add a special touch.
  2. Plates, glasses, utensils and napkins will come in handy. Just like packing a lunch, you need all the paraphernalia to enjoy the food. Maybe you going to make sandwiches, fill water bottles and bring cookies for dessert ~ then all you need are napkins. If the kiddos are coming, keep it simple. If this is a romantic situation, bring the appropriate items to make to complete the mood (i.e. glasses for the wine and a knife for the cheese)
  3. Corkscrew or bottle opener ~ I don’t think this needs any further explanation.
  4. A cutting board and knife ~ make the sandwich fresh, on-site. Slice the bread and cheese right before enjoying them.
  5. Ice chest ~ to keep some of your items cool.
  6. Trash bags and paper towels ~ so you can clean up after your picnic. Also, it might be a good idea to bring some antibacterial wipes for your hands before you enjoy your spread.
  7. Miscellaneous items ~ to help set the mood. While the spot you choose will have some ambiance, you might want to complete the setting with flowers, candles (maybe battery-powered ones so you don’t start a wild fire) and music.

Next comes the good stuff ~ what food will you take, do you have a bottle of your favorite wine and where will you go? Whatever you decide, enjoy. That is what summer is all about!

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