Planning a Spring Garden

If you are new to gardening, it is always best to start with a plan. Here are a couple simple steps to having a bountiful harvest or at least enjoy the process. Tools you will need include; pencil and graph paper, a tape measure and information about what you want to plant.

Planning Steps

Did you plant a garden last year? Did you take notes about what worked and what didn’t? This is helpful information so get it out and have it handy as you plan for this year. And, let this serve as a reminder or maybe a nudge (if you didn’t take notes in the past) to take notes as this year’s garden grows. Trust me, those notes will serve your future gardening adventures.

  1. Read through your notes from past years. Review what worked and what didn’t. Sketch your garden beds on the graph paper and make note of the size of beds you have.
  2. Do you have any seeds leftover from last year? What supplies will you need this year? Make a list. Decide whether to purchase online or from your local garden center.
  3. Start marking your garden layout where to plant which seeds or seedlings. Information you will need includes: sun exposure in each section of the bed(s) vs. sun exposure needs per variety, watering needs per variety and spacing per variety.

Now that is all the pencil and paper planning. But here are some resources to assist you with the decisions that go into the planning.

  1. Mother Earth News ~ you can sign up for regular information about when to plant and what to plant based upon your zip code. I find this very helpful since my planting seasons are much different than the rest of the US. Living in the Desert Southwest doesn’t mean I can’t garden, just that I need to know and understand my climate as it relates to planting.
  2. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds ~ is a great resource to learn about the seeds you want to plant. They have broken it down by space, water and sun needs and so much more. You can also order your seeds directly from them if you are interested.
  3. Gardeners ~ has a large selection of tools and supplies for every type of garden and gardener.
  4. Farming My Backyard ~ wrote a post all about planning and what to consider throughout the year.
  5. Tenth Acre Farm ~ wrote a post all about starting your seeds inside so you have seedlings to plant.
  6. SchneiderPeeps ~ has a downloadable gardening notebook to help you keep track and make planning easier for next year.

Happy planning friends! And tag us on social media with a photo of your plans.

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