Pool Party

I love an outdoor party! An outdoor party is usually on the more casual side ~ both from the food perspective and the attire. So, in the summer a pool party is a great option. Even now, when we need to keep our gatherings small a pool party can be a lot of fun. Just keep it simple.

As with any party, it’s all about the fun, food, and friendship!


Summertime is hot, so getting wet makes it a little bit easier to take. Don’t have a pool in your backyard? I found a few options that are portable so you can take the party to grandma’s house, if you like.

Inflatable pools are a great option and they aren’t just for the kids. I found this one on Amazon. Great reviews and room enough for the whole family.

Maybe a portable splash pad is a better option for you. This one is also from Amazon.

Of course, nothing is better than an actual pool for splashing and getting wet. But always remember ~ safety first. Otherwise, the fun doesn’t last long.


Now that you have the fun down, what are you going to eat? I mean, what’s a party without food? My go-to is always something simple so I can enjoy all the fun, too.

I try to plan something that I can make ahead or get others involved. My husband loves to grill hamburgers and hot dogs and that’s usually a hit with the kids (and some of the adults). I prefer something a little elevated, but not fussy. Maybe some ribs on the grill.

If you are inviting a few friends or family members over, side dishes are a great way to get them involved.

Who doesn’t like dessert? While we know we shouldn’t indulge all the time, my husband likes to say, “Some things we eat for our body (you know, like salads), and other things we eat for our soul (like chocolate ice cream).

For more ideas, I have created a board on Pinterest to inspire you.


While we need to be cautious with physical distancing, we still need to find a way to gather. Even introverts need social interactions and sometimes more than we can get through a video chat.

Safety is always my number one priority. It isn’t fun, if someone gets hurt. I encourage you to create a plan so all your guests feel safe and everyone can enjoy a great time and a great summer.

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