Privacy and Peace in your Backyard

I think we can all agree that 2020 is unlike any other year in recent history. Finding a place for calm in all the chaos can be tricky, but so necessary. We need to relax and recharge, we need time to learn how to move with the new rhythm of life. Creating a space outside is perfect for accomplishing this.

Clean up

Start by cleaning up your outdoor space. It doesn’t matter if you only have a small balcony or a large patio with extensive grounds, dead leaves and clutter need to be cleaned up. Being surrounded by excess stuff does not bring calm to anyone.

Sweep the ground, get rid of cobwebs and contain any children’s toys. This will be the start of a soothing space. I would even suggest getting your children involved, if you have them. They should be in charge of their toys, they play with them, they should put them away. As a former teacher, I know that when reasonable, but high expectations are set for children they always step up to the challenge!


You can use our backyard style quiz to identify your style, here. Having a comfortable spot to sit in your preferred style contributes to finding calm and peace on your patio or backyard.


While a pool is a great place for relaxing, if your backyard is on the smaller size you might want to opt for a water feature. The sound of flowing or babbling water always contributes to a calming atmosphere.


Fire is another calming element and can make the evenings a perfect time to relax and recharge in your backyard. Read all about different fire pits or features here.


Plants help soften the hard edges and can increase privacy. While I would love to direct you to specific types of plants, the best options will depend on where you live. Contact your favorite local nursery for the best recommendations.

When speaking with garden professionals, you might want to ask about plants that attract birds, bees and butterflies. I would also suggest you consider fragrant plants with beautiful blooms, as both visual and aromatics can impact your ability to relax on your patio or backyard.

Other types of plants to consider are trees for shade and quick growing vines for privacy. Again, your local nursery professionals can guide you in the best choices for your needs and what will grow best in your area. They can also guide you in maintenance for your selections.

Getting fresh air out on your patio or in your backyard is a great way to relax and recharge. You deserve a great space that is private and peaceful so that you are better able to face the challenges of the day.

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