Your backyard is a place where stories start and memories are made, so let us help you create the space that encourages the stories that become memories with your family and friends. The purpose of BKYD Life is to provide ideas to truly enjoy your outdoor space.

We, at BKYD Life, believe in the power of gathering in community with family and friends ~ call it a party. The connection you share with the ones you love is powerful and your backyard is a great place for it. We want to inspire you to create a space that promotes relationship and provides contentment.

Connect with us and we will highlight ideas from designers and fellow homeowners, show you how to finish off your space, demonstrate how to grow a garden or just use plants in your backyard. We will give you party ideas and help you decide the correct answer to the age old question, “We have limited space, should we put in a play structure or a swimming pool?” *Hint ~ it all depends on you, your family, your backyard and your budget.