Q & A with the Editor

Hello and welcome to October! I have had a few questions and thought I would take this opportunity to answer them. It always seems if one person asks the question, others were thinking the same thought. So here goes and, please, if you have a question put it in the comments below. This will become a monthly feature.

Question 1 ~ We are thinking of putting a swimming pool in for next summer, when is the best time to start that project?

Answer ~ That is a great question. As with any project the sooner the better, but let’s get more specific. If you live in the Desert Southwest, specifically the Phoenix area, the best time to start a pool installation project is right after the first of the year. Pool companies and the contractors that will do the all the construction are a bit slower so your pool will be finished in time for the heat in May. If you need more information on what to consider when building a pool, click this link to read an article featured earlier this year on the subject.

Question 2 ~ With the holidays coming, we were thinking of hosting an outdoor gathering. Do you have any ideas for how to put it all together?

Answer ~ Wow, we love an outdoor gathering at the holidays. As a matter of fact, we will have an article coming at the beginning of November that will talk all about an outdoor celebration for Thanksgiving. Keep an eye out for it.

Question 3 ~ When is the best time to buy new outdoor furniture?

Answer ~ Patio or outdoor furniture typically goes on sale between August and October. That said, if you wait for a sale it might be difficult to find the type and style you want. Stores know which styles are popular and have a tendency to limit stock of those styles. Meaning what you really want doesn’t go on sale. If you can, subscribe to your favorite outdoor store emails. When they send a notice of a sale or discount, run don’t walk to get what you want.

Well, this has been fun. If you have any other questions please leave them in the comments and look for this feature next month. And, connect with us on our social channels.

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