Quick Weekend Getaway

A couple weeks ago, my husband and I went on a little weekend getaway for our anniversary. We chose Ojai, California. It is such a sweet little town just a little north of Los Angeles. From our home in Phoenix it’s a simple 45 minute flight and a quick drive in a rental car.

We stayed at the Ojai Valley Inn. It was a magical weekend, to say the least! The property is incredible. The food was so yummy. The rooms are very comfortable. The people ~ it’s always the people that make an experience worth remembering ~ the people of the Ojai Valley Inn (and really the people of Ojai) are just so kind. They answered every question, no matter how simple or silly, with a smile. Each person we encountered just elevated our trip.

We ate. We walked. We relaxed. We shopped. We enjoyed every minute.

We relaxed by the pool. They have several on the property along with a golf course and gorgeous mountain views.

We went wine tasting in town. There are a couple different tasting rooms, but this one was so quaint in an old fire house that I had to take a photo.

We walked all over the resort and peeked into an event space that is referred to as the Farmhouse. The garden beds on one side are enviable.

But the best part of the trip was sitting under the trees at sunset. The guest seemed to be drawn to this area of the resort every evening. There is a slight pink glow that just can’t be captured with an iPhone!

If you ever get a chance I would highly recommend the Ojai Valley Inn for a romantic getaway. I always encourage friends and family to “take the trip” because experience makes you both knowledgeable and grateful. And, in this case, it brought me so much peace. A great place to relax will do that.

So, do you have any trips planned for this summer? I would suggest making plans for weekend getaways ~ they allow for memories to be made all summer long, easier to pack for than a 2 week vacation, and give you the opportunity to see more than just one place.

Now, give me some suggestions on where I should go next…go to this photo on my Instagram and leave me a note on where I should go next.

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