QUIZ: What’s Your Backyard Design Style?

Are you curious about your backyard design style? You might already have an intuitive sense of your aesthetic preferences, but nailing down a specific design style for your backyard can be challenging. I mean, just scrolling through so many awe-inspiring Pinterest and Instagram photos can easily get us in a design daze.

With a few simple questions, though, you can get some clarity on your unique design style for your backyard or outdoor space.

This quiz is super simple. Don’t think too hard about any question – just go with your gut. Keep a tally of your answers as you go, and at the end, you’ll get a full profile of your design style.

Design Style Quiz

1. It’s a beautiful day outside, you can’t wait to _____________ ?

2. Which of these colors patterns best matches your energy?

3. Which outdoor seating area would you be most excited to sit in?

4. You’ve prepared a delicious meal. Where would you like to enjoy it?

5. Which one of these art pieces would you be most likely to display on your outdoor patio?

6. It’s the perfect summer night, but it’s getting dark. What type of lighting would you use to keep the party going?

7. Which water feature is a must-have for your dream backyard?

8. Which backyard hideaway would you most like to escape to?

9. Which living area would you most like to have?

10. No porch is complete without which hanging decoration?

Deciphering Your Outdoor Design Style

Mostly A’s – Bohemian

You love relaxing in your backyard. The more blankets you have, the happier you are. You’re most at peace surrounded by deep colors like violets, maroons, and greens. You’re likely a free spirit who appreciates all things artsy.

How do you infuse your boho aesthetic into your backyard design? Get twinkle lights for your patio and grab an ample number of pillows for sitting beneath the stars. (Hammocks are also encouraged). Focus your design on creating intimate and relaxing spaces throughout your backyard.

Mostly B’s – Traditional

You’re practical, and you’re also known for having great taste. For you, your backyard is about facilitating all the fun activities you can do there. You tend to lean towards decorations and furniture that are on-trend. You know that neutrals never go out of style, so you focus on picking pieces and projects that have some staying power.

Lean into your traditional design style. Focus on making sure you have ample space and the ability to entertain with functional appliances and equipment that will facilitate enjoying your outdoor space. Consider adding an outdoor fireplace or kitchen, and be sure you have comfortable patio furniture.

Mostly C’s – Bold and Contemporary

No one’s ever called you boring. You like things bold! For you, every decoration is a potential to make an impact, and you get really excited about one-of-a-kind finds. You probably aren’t incredibly outdoorsy, but you appreciate how inspired you feel while outside. You like blending elements that shouldn’t belong together to create something truly unique.

To bring your design style home in your backyard, remember to play with colors. The key to this design style is to pick your moments to maximize impact. Focus on finding interesting furniture, plants, and decorations to function as focal pieces in your outdoor design, and then keep the surrounding decor simple so as not to overwhelm the bold components.

Mostly D’s – Nature-Inspired (English Garden Style)

Growing up, your favorite book was probably “The Secret Garden.” You love nature and everything about it. You love the look of old farmhouse cottages and English gardens. You feel most at home when you’re watching the birds, tending to your garden, or feeling the fresh grass beneath your bare feet.

This design style is all about gardening. Take the time to cultivate a lush and layered garden. Focus on perennial plants so that your work isn’t undone every season. Consider adding a natural stone walkway that meanders throughout your garden and add in plenty of whimsical features, like birdhouses. Be sure to include a seating area tucked away somewhere so that you can enjoy the natural oasis you’ve created.  

Stay Inspired with Your Outdoor Design

Family of four sits on couch in backyard laughing together

No matter your outdoor design style, I’ve found that the key to staying inspired in your outdoor space is to keep things fresh and mix up your décor at least once a season. Have fun, tune in to your intuition, and make sure to share your outdoor designs with us on Instagram using the hashtag #bkydlife!

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