Swim-up Movie Night

Drive-in movie theaters, movies in the park, and dive in movies at resorts and water parks are lots of fun. But, have you thought about doing one in your own backyard with family and friends? It could be a great way to celebrate a summer birthday or maybe just next Tuesday!


Have a pool ~ then let’s call it a swim-up movie night. No pool? No problem, it’s a backyard movie night! Either way, most of the elements are the same.


Outdoor Movie Screens


You can use a plain, light-colored wall of your house or if you have a wall around the backyard that will work, too. The lighter the wall, the better for viewing.



No walls available? You can make a frame for a light or white sheet using PVC pipe and zip ties. Click here for a link to a Youtube video that explains how to put it all together.


We purchased one a few years ago from Amazon. It is simple to put together, one person can do it by themselves. It is very sturdy but adding a rock or brick to each leg with help if there is a slight breeze.




Next on the list is a projector. This one, also on Amazon, also has a 4.4 out of 5 star rating with over 900 reviews. This projector is wifi-enabled to stream movies and shows for a great night out in the backyard.





Popcorn may be a crowd favorite when viewing indoors, but outside under the stars the snack options need something a bit different. I would like to suggest a different route. Now, don’t get me wrong, if you want popcorn outside then have popcorn.


But seeing as we are trying to make this a little more special of an event, how about an elevated snack? I found several fun ideas and pinned them to my Pinterest board. You can click here to check them out, if you find or have some ideas to share please feel free to add them or share in the comments below.



Now what movie to watch? Please tell us your favorite movie…




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