Thanksgiving Table Scape

Thanksgiving is next week and it is my favorite holiday! My love language is Acts of Service (want to learn more about love languages ~ here’s a link). I love to serve my family and community. Feeding them a yummy and nourishing meal is my favorite way to serve them. I think I get that from my Italian grandmother ~ her first question when you walked into her house was, “are you hungry, can I get you something to eat?” My husband quickly learned to ALWAYS accept. Personally, I think that she helped me land the guy, but that’s another story for another day!

Later this week, I will share some recipes and ideas for the big meal. But for today, I wanted to share an idea for the table settings.

Thanksgiving Table

I choose to keep to muted colors with only a few orange pumpkins for a pop of color. I might not even go with them when all is said and done. This year has felt full of hard edges and I wanted to set a mood of comfort by keeping the decor soft, muted and cozy.

Table Cover and Candlesticks

I started with a linen table cloth that I folded in half and used as a runner then layered it with a gauzy scarf. Both I have had for years, sometimes you just need to try things you have in new ways. This set the stage or foundation of my table and definitely put that feeling of soft at the forefront of my table scape. Next I used some brass candle sticks I purchased from Target, I tried to find a link but they don’t seem to be available. I’m sure you can find similar ones at other retailers. The white pumpkin salt and pepper shakers are from World Market, but again there isn’t a link available. I wouldn’t copy this and my actual table my look a little different when the holiday finally arrives, the point to this post is to try new things in different ways, to inspire you to be creative and work outside the rules of traditional table settings.

Table Setting

For my table setting, I, again used what I have. The gold placemat was from a few years ago, purchased at Sur la Table. The filigree and gold elements of the placemat adds to the soft and muted emphasis of the theme I am trying to accomplish this year. Next I layered a wood charger, again from World Market (also from several years ago) along with my everyday dishes from Sur la Table, a simple linen napkin and my grandmothers silver.

Layering, thinking outside the box, using what I have, a nod to everyday and keeping tradition present through thoughts of my grandmother are my focus this holiday season. Those elements bring the theme of soft, cozy and comfortable alive. 2020 hasn’t been easy, everyone has had their own struggles this year. I like to focus on what we have in common and I do believe that is one thing that has been common for each of us ~ we have all struggled in our own way with our own difficulties this year.


I hope you find the blessings and feel full of thanks this coming holiday. I know I will be focusing my attention on what truly matters ~ being grateful for family and the opportunity to take more memories with them!

And, lastly, I am grateful for you. It has been my pleasure and privilege to share my BKYD Life with you!

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