Thoughts on Holiday Gifting

The holidays usually imply gifts. And this year, I feel like gift-giving needs to be simplified. So here are some ideas that might not fit into neat little packages tied up with pretty ribbon.

Give the gift of time

How about making a plan to spend time with a loved one or loved ones. Maybe a zoom call with family or friends far away that you keep meaning to do one with. Get it scheduled now and no canceling!

What about making crafts with your children or nieces and nephews. You can make Christmas cards or crafts. This could start a new family tradition.

Family baking night would be a great time. Sure there is the mess, but it incorporates science (baking is a form of science, all that measuring and combining of ingredients) so that’s a bonus and much more fun way to learn.

Lunch or happy hour

Meeting an old friend to catch up for lunch or happy hour is much cheaper than meeting for dinner. If you are being aware of social distancing, maybe make it a picnic. It’s a great way to spend some time together without it impacting your budget too much or family time.

Do something for the elderly

Do you have elderly family members or neighbors? What if your family took them a meal that you made together? Now you have incorporated family time and doing something for others. You could even take some of those crafts you made as a gift.

Make some memories

Ever thought about being an actor, writer or director? With the help of some children in your life, you could write a play (maybe Christmas themed?). Then help the children rehearse and make costumes. Performing the play for family, friends and neighbors would really make everyone feel the Christmas spirit.

Gifts are all about the intent. How about intentionally making memories that will last a life time? I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a year where we have learned what is truly important. Christmas and gift giving is the perfect opportunity to show that.

While in the past, I have felt the impulse to get the latest and greatest gift for everyone on my list. I am not feeling that way this year. I want my gifts to really show the recipient how I much I truly care for them. I want my gifts to come from my heart (and not my wallet).

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