Vertical Garden

Have you ever wanted to start a garden, but don’t have the space? Would your patio look and feel better with some greenery on it? A vertical garden just might be the solution.

Vertical gardens don’t take up a lot of space. They can actually be a large or small as you want or have room for. Sometimes called a growing wall, a vertical garden can also provide privacy.

Want a green wall? Maybe some fragrant flowers? What about vegetables? Yes, yes, and yes. Each of these options are viable in a vertical garden. You could even mix all three. Need to keep it small and simple? How about growing herbs in your vertical garden? They would take very little space, are easy to grow and make a big difference in your cooking!

You can make your own vertical garden. Wooden boxes or a trellis is a great start. Get creative, it will add personality to your space.

Would you rather use a pre-made product that allows for more conventional planting? I found this one on Amazon (it is an affiliate link) and it will be a great asset to your space. It looks good and functions fabulously.

I hope you have enjoyed the idea of a vertical garden to enhance your space. Please let me know if you have a vertical garden in the comments below and share you pictures on Instagram, don’t forget to tag us ~

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