What to Buy: January Sales

Have you ever noticed that retail sales follow a pattern? Each month of the year, you can purchase specific items at a discount. Here is what is on sale or a good buy for the month of January.

The items this month include:

  1. Bedding and Linens
  2. Fitness Equipment
  3. Televisions and Electronics

Bedding and Linens

Bedding and linens have traditionally been available at a deep discount during the month of January, retailers call it ‘The White Sale’. Historically, bedding and linens were typically white, hence the name of the sale. Back in 1878, ’The White Sale’ started to increase sales during a known slow period for these items.

While bedding and linens are not exclusively white now, all shades of sheets and towels can be found at a deep discount this month and every January (in case you want to begin planning for next year). Here are some current sales we found that might interest you, if you are in need of new bedding and linens.

White sheets are so classic and go with any color or pattern comforter. Buying good quality white sheets will serve you well over the years. Quality sheets will wash well and get softer over time. As far as thread count goes, it is a really personal opinion, but I think 400 thread count is the best.

A great duvet is a fantastic investment ~ you can simply change out the cover based on the season. Use a heavier duvet cover, like velvet, in the colder months and a light-weight cotton in warmer months. The ease of cleaning them on a regular basis makes them a great choice.

Fitness Equipment

Fitness equipment is also a big seller this time of year as retailers capitalize on the “get in shape” New Year’s Resolution that is very prevalent every January. It is also the reason fitness studios offer big discounts to join. While we don’t subscribe to resolutions to accomplish goals, we do believe that prioritizing health is important. If you want to outfit your home gym (and intend to use it), we found some great buys that might interest you.

Target always has great options at great prices. If your health is a priority, but your budget is tight then always remember that going for a walk is good for your mind, body and fits any budget since it’s free!

Televisions and Electronics

In case you didn’t know, The Super Bowl is coming in early February. Retailers are counting on people hosting parties and wanting/needing a new large screen to view the big game. Now we say want/need because sometimes we want something but don’t actually need it. Please make sure you are being a responsible consumer by spending responsibly those items you need and can afford. That said, even if you aren’t hosting a party, retailers are hoping you will invest in a new television. 

This is also the time where retailers are trying to off load all of last years inventory. If you are in the market, you could score a great buy at a deep discount. 

While the big draw is a large screen television, don’t forget computers, stereos and sound bars can also be found on sale this month. 

This month has some great sales ~ if you are in the market for bedding, home gym equipment and televisions. Do your research and find the deal that fits your budget. Armed with the right information, you can get the right items for the right price. Happy shopping!

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